Supporting Workforce Development

The IEC creates partnerships between the education sector and the broader community through various experiential learning activities and programs. In Hamilton, there are over 24,000 secondary students and 67,000 post-secondary students of which 18-23% graduate in any given year. Let us help you connect to your future workforce.

The IEC will introduce your organisation to the community and bring you into the conversation with students, job seekers and families as they explore their educational plans and career aspirations. Through the IEC network and using college and university job-boards we will market the jobs you need to fill. Let us help you tap our local talent while supporting our youth through their educational journey.


IEC of Hamilton Membership Benefits

Full options can be found at the bottom of this page, and the benefits of membership are listed below.

  • We promote your company brand across IEC media channels reaching teachers, program coordinators and guidance personnel who help students every day
  • We create your company profile on the smart platform using videos, images, written information and access to your website. ℹ️
  • We feature your jobs throughout the IEC network and collaborate with Mohawk College, McMaster University and Redeemer University to promote your employment opportunities to current students and graduates. ℹ️
  • Augment and support your marketing efforts with modular media tools for Education. ℹ️
  • We can help you build a presence through experiential learning opportunities. ℹ️
  • We provide you with an effective and economical approach to marketing and recruitment. ℹ️
  • IEC helps your organisation with a better understanding of the K-8, 9-12 and post-secondary education sectors. ℹ️
  • We help you build a career-focused relationship with potential future employees.  ℹ️
  • You can have the option of accessing best practices and networking groups with educators and key stakeholders.ℹ️
  • If interested, choose to attend educational workshops and webinars which are available to you and your employees. ℹ️
  • Receive insightful newsletters about the education system and graduation statistics.


IEC of Hamilton Membership Prices

All organizational memberships are for one year.

  • Small Organization (Gross annual revenue under $500,000):  $350 (less than $1 per day)
  • Medium Organization (Gross annual revenue of $500,000 to $10 million):  $700
  • Large Organization (Gross annual revenue over $10 million):  $1,500
  • Add-on option: To effectively help showcase what you do, who you serve and the products you make, IEC & Edge Factor create a media package that is called "Virtual Workplace Experiences". Each of the videos included in this mini-series will help tell your story and create a modular stack of media that can be used in marketing, curriculum, case studies and recruiting efforts with students, job seekers and parents across Hamilton:  $5,000
  • Sample of add-on video content - Hamilton has the Edge.