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Acting as the catalyst, between education, industry and the broader community, we offer programs and industry-lead initiatives to accommodate career exploration and partnership needs. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss collaborations to further advance Hamilton’s economic climate. We are your unique partner in education!

Each year, IEC of Hamilton programs directly engage:


Elementary School Students


Secondary School Students


Post-Secondary Students


Employers & Mentors

Our Programs

Each project that we undertake has been a collaborative initiative that addresses a pending skills shortage, introduces new and innovative sectors to learners of all ages, and links local businesses and industries to our education partners. Our approach supports a long, medium and short-term strategy for positive workforce development with programs focussed on middle, secondary and post-secondary students respectively.

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About Us

We champion career exploration. Through programming, group mentoring and facilitating partnership discussions, we help our stakeholders showcase their industry or sector, to their future workforce, through practical hands-on learning opportunities.

About us

Developing Your Workforce

We understand the importance of accessing local talent to sustain and grow your workforce. As we help to support your workforce, you support our youth through their educational journey. Let us market your company and your career opportunities, increase your recruitment potential and provide opportunities for learning and networking.

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