Our Team

Cesare Di Donato
Executive Director, ext. 225

Cesare started his career in the steel industry as a project metallurgist. Moving into the education sector, he has taught in secondary school, college and university. Retiring as a curriculum consultant after 32 years in education, he is now the Executive Director of Canada’s oldest Industry Education Council. As a Past President of the Ontario Cooperative Education Association, he is passionate about experiential learning through hands-on authentic engagement. He is enthusiastic about facilitating partnerships between education and the broader community, to support learning beyond the walls of the traditional classroom.

cesare.didonato at iechamilton.ca

Susan Clarke
Program Manager, ext. 226

As a graduate of Laurier’s Psychology program, Susan is dedicated to helping others. In her role as Program Manager with the IEC, she is able to do this on a daily basis. Assisting learners with information to help them make appropriate choices in relation to their career path is something that brings her joy. Susan believes that everyone has a path, they just may need help finding it along the way. She is also very involved in her local School Councils and is passionate about being a volunteer in her local elementary school.

susan.clarke at iechamilton.ca

Rosalie Wilson
Manager of Finance & Administration, ext. 100

Rosalie joined the IEC in 1984 doing administrative duties and has over 20 years’ experience in the bookkeeping field. As the IEC’s Manager of Finance & Administration, Rosalie oversees all office-related matters. She’s responsible for all accounts receivable/payable, budget and grant reporting, cash flow management and payroll, in addition to maintaining and updating all office computers. Life is like accounting – everything must balance!

rosalie.wilson at iechamilton.ca

Angie van der Zalm
Community Outreach Director. ext. 224

Angie’s career has seen her hold various positions in different sectors. She spent many years as an international educator/artist and has also previously worked as a Director at a local manufacturing facility as well as a Manager of Enterprise Initiatives for a prominent tourist destination. As IEC’s Community Outreach Director, Angie is committed to promoting the benefits of experiential learning and fostering partnerships that help to make us a vital link to a student’s successful journey.

angie.vanderzalm at iechamilton.ca

Lorenzo Somma
Entrepreneur in Residence

Several years ago Lorenzo took the plunge head on into the challenge of small business ownership, opening a community oriented video gaming venue in downtown Hamilton. Discovering a higher calling to the experiences entrepreneurship brings, he has since dedicated his energy to inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset in others. Lorenzo believes that there is no better example of experiential learning than entrepreneurship, which builds confidence, adaptability and resilience to any willing to make a dream into a reality. Inspiration to act, confidence to fail, resilience to prevail.

lorenzo.somma at iechamilton.ca