Benefits of Talent Pipeline

A well-planned workforce development strategy informs future talent that has yet to walk through your door. Relevant and effective career pathway information is enriched with experiences and connections to your company and brand. Through these experiences, students and job seekers can make informed decisions to pursue a career with your company. You can now support your talent acquisition efforts through IEC of Hamilton's Talent Pipeline.

We will:

  • market your company and careers across IEC media channels that engage youth, their parents/guardians, and educators.
  • promote your employment needs through IEC partnerships, which include our post-secondary institutions, Service Ontario agencies and our community partners’ job boards.
  • help you to utilize experiential learning opportunities (co-op, internship, mentoring, classroom speaker) that support youth and nurture your workforce relationships.
  • inform you of opportunities to participate in events that promote your jobs, careers, and company brand (career fairs, speaking/presentations, networking).

We offer an economical and contextual approach to marketing your company while increasing your recruitment potential. You can develop a career-focused relationship with your potential future employees. Let us help you better understand students’ career development needs.