Workplace Health & Safety Certification

Time: 2 hours      |      Max. Class size: 25      |       Cost: $350

Serious injuries to young workers are increasing. Between 2015 and 2017, 15 young workers lost their lives at work and 21,000 were injured to the point where they couldn’t go to work for their next shift. These injuries include fractures, burns, sprains and strains. As well, WSIB data tells us that workplace injuries are 3 times more likely to happen in the first month on the job – a critical period for all co-op students.

There are hazards in every job and every type of workplace,
but with information, education and training, injuries are preventable.


To support any student who is or will be employed, but specifically those in Cooperative Education and SHSM. The best employers want workers and supervisors who understand and demonstrate safe work practices and everyone wants young workers to have positive work experiences free of injury.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Provide foundation knowledge about workplace safety to prepare students for the mandatory job-specific safety training required in every workplace.
  • Students will have the information and tools to complete their Worker Awareness Training Certificate which is required for every worker in Ontario.

Priority topics the certification program will cover:

  • Ontario’s Safety Legislation: What every worker needs to know
  • Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Employers, Supervisors and Workers
  • Identifying and protecting yourself from workplace hazards
  • Health and Safety Committees
  • Participating, asking questions and how to handle unsafe work
  • Resources for worker


  • Instructor-led interactive lesson with short thought-provoking videos that always generate lively discussion
  • Students will be led through the Ministry of Labor's Awareness Training Certification. Students with access to computers, tablets, or phones will be able to work along with the presenter to obtain their on-line certification while in the session. Otherwise, they can complete the Certificate on their own time after the session.

Evidence of Successful Completion: All students who successfully complete their Worker Awareness Certificate will be able to print their certificate to provide to their teacher, attach to their resume and provide to their co-op employers.

        Sue Boychuk

Sue is widely recognized as an expert in workplace safety for young, new and vulnerable workers. Under her leadership as the lead for Young Worker Safety in Ontario, workplace injuries to Ontario teenagers decreased by 70%. When it comes to student safety education, Sue understands the issues and has designed and implemented major programs including: SHSM on health and safety, putting health and safety education into the provincial curriculum from K - 8, cooperative education policy, the It’s Your Job student video contest, and the award winning Live Safe! Work Smart! resources for Ontario teachers. Sue brings over 30 years of extensive and diverse experience including practical workplace safety experience as a government safety inspector, industrial safety specialist, manager and policy expert.

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