COVID-19 Supports

The Industry Education Council of Hamilton is proud of our history of supporting our community through programs, initiatives, and events over the past 40 years, serving all individuals. Our unique city is made rich through the contributions of all our people regardless of their gender, race, faith, orientation, or economic status. We stand with all of you. The COVID-19 virus has created much hardship for many people around the world and clearly does not discriminate. If there is any good to come from this pandemic, we should all reflect on simple truths, treat every individual as you would want to be treated and when you have a different opinion, express it peacefully.

As the global impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, both our IEC members’ successes in and out of the classroom and our team’s well-being are paramount. Our hearts go out to the people affected, and we appreciate those around the world who are on the front line working to contain the virus.

We understand the importance of maintaining children’s education through this disruption, and we are in the fortunate position of having a digital product that can quickly be made available to people all over the world. IEC’s purpose is to Make Every Classroom Buzz. Whether that classroom is in a school, or in a living room at home, we’re here to ensure that children continue to deeply engage with learning.

Please use this blog as your central source of information regarding IEC’s actions in supporting teachers, parents, and students during this event.

COVID Dos and Don'ts

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Learn at home K to 12 //
Career Development and Experiential Learning Graduates in 2020 Edge Factor //
Career Development and Experiential Learning Open to all Edge Factor //
 Edge Factor at home Open to all HWCDSB students and parents
Edge Factor
Edge Factor at home
Open to all HWDSB students and parents
Edge Factor
Edge Factor at home
Mohawk College Teachers
Edge Factor
Edge Factor at home
Mohawk College Students
Edge Factor
 Fun ways to implement Edge Factor tools in schools
K to 12 
Edge Factor 
Active/Mindfulness Open to all Go Noodle //

Open to all

Zim JS //
Tynker //
Raspberry Pi //
Math/Science/Technology Open to all Brilliant //
Technology K to 3 Scratch Jr. //
Technology 4 to 8 Scratch //
Literacy K to 8 Scholastic Canada //
Arts, Math, Science, Technology, Social Studies Open to all CBC Radio Canada //
Science, History, Geography K to 6 National Geographic Kids //
Science, History, Geography 7 to 8 National Geographic //
Literacy K to 8 Audible //
Physical Education Build Your Best Day //
Physical Education Play Sport //
STEM Education
Creation Camp
K to 10
FIRST Canada Built It Challenge series